AMD’s new 64-core Threadripper Pro CPU is on sale now – but you may need to take out a loan to pay it off

With AMD recently confirming increased availability of the Threadripper Pro, distributors rushed to start selling the first Threadripper 5995WX online. O 64 core monster cpu was unveiled in March 2022 along with a 32-core and 24-core part with Lenovo and dell having announced work stations based on this new zen 3 processor family.

An online search for the ThreadRipper Pro 5995WX brought up two interesting results. The first was from channel specialist Connection, who lists the item as temporarily OOS with a sticker price of $7,359.95 (you can also rent it for $211.69 a month, but that might not be a good idea. idea, as high-end processor prices don’t depreciate fast enough to justify leasing).

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