Apple Watch 8, Pro and SE 2 live leaks, most likely specs discussed


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What do you think: Would this design get you excited to run your next 10K or make you run away from Apple in disgust? FrontPageTech’s Ian Zelbo (opens in new tab) believes this is what the Apple Watch Pro will look like. And it looks… robust.

The more prominent crown and buttons mentioned in previous leaks are certainly present here, and that massive button section might even hint at a bit of tech crammed into that extra space. Touch ID maybe?

Zelbo is ‘basically 100% confident’ that this will be the final design, but even at this final stage, renderings are guesswork at best. However, I can see a silicone shell fitting nicely around this design to match the bracelet and provide an extra layer of durability.

(Image credit: Apple)

What’s inside the Apple Watch Pro? We can’t wait to find out, but we certainly expect improved battery life to last at least two days at a time, giving you plenty of time in GPS mode to last those long, maybe even multi-day hikes and trails. we are not waiting Garmin Enduro 2 levels here, but certainly a couple of days.

That larger battery will also be able to take full advantage of watchOS 9’s improvements to sleep tracking, potentially able to last a few nights on a single charge. Other leaks indicate that the watch may detect if it has received water damageand alert you if it’s an issue, an indication that Apple is expecting heavy water sports use, if true.

A triathlete-oriented Apple Watch, perfect for taking you from the surfboard to the run and finally to bed, able to do it all over again day after day? We can dream.

With all this technology, we wouldn’t be surprised to find that the processor is the same S8 as the flagship Apple Watch 8. After all, the Pro will need to be running the same watchOS 9 as the rest of the range, which means the new running power, running trainer and other fitness tools are already built in. The demand for improved hardware elsewhere, especially on battery stakes, won’t leave much room for an increase in computing power, especially if Apple wants to keep the pricing sensible.

watchos 9 revealed

(Image credit: Lance Ulanoff)

Apple Watch Pro: Bigger and Better?

O Apple Watch Proalso known as the Apple Watch Rugged Edition, has been rumored to arrive with the Apple Watch 8 for some time now, and it should be a watch geared more heavily towards athletes.

Aiming to enter Garmin and Polar territory, the Apple Watch Pro appears to follow the same design ethos as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which had GPS instructions on the wrist, a trackback feature to help you get back on track. starting point of your route, improved battery life for weekend warriors and raised bezels to protect your screen.

The Apple Watch Pro will be more expensive than the Apple Watch 8, although we still don’t know how much. ONE MacRumor leak featuring a new accessory box suggests a redesigned chassis with a more protruding crown and buttons.

Just as Fitbit added the tactile button back to the Versa 4 and Sense 2, the larger buttons are easier to operate in the middle of a tough workout and the larger screen space (perhaps up to 50mm, as mentioned earlier) is better for display route maps. japanese website Mac Otakaraon the other hand, claims it will be a still impressive 47mm.

A man running with an Apple Watch

(Image credit: Apple)

The Apple Watch 8 seems to be the best yet, if there are any leaks and rumors, and it will likely cost around $399 / £369 / AU$599.

If the Apple Watch 8 comes with a cheaper SE and a more expensive Pro, then there are unlikely to be any drastic changes this round. Rumors said we could see up to 50mm screens and significant battery improvements, but if a Pro is on the horizon, those sweeping changes will likely be reserved for this premium model.

Instead, we’re looking at a more iterative update, with the innards consisting of a small jump from the S7 to S8 processor, screen sizes similar to the Apple Watch 7, the usual choice of cellular and wifi models, and a range of seemingly unlikely colors to match those of the iPhone 14, according to MacRumors (opens in new tab).

What it might have that intrigues me is a new skin temperature sensor added to its existing array. Other brands like Fitbit already use one, which is incredibly useful for detecting changes in stress levels and improving sleep tracking accuracy. However, while it may indicate if you have a fever, it is not good enough to be medically accurate as there is no way to check your core temperature.

I really want to see how Apple markets this new sensor; whether it will be used to further refine and improve sleep tracking, or a more disease-related medical use is publicized. The only problem is getting approval from government bodies like the US Food and Drug Administration, a terribly difficult process.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also claimed that the Apple Watch 8 will have “major updates to activity tracking” and a faster chipset.

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