Truecaller caller ID app now supports quick-swap Dual-SIMs on smartphones

Dual-SIM phones are very much in demand now. Whatever the price, one thing is for sure: most brands selling their phones these days support dual-SIM. This basically helps the user to engage with the dual side of their life smoothly. But that wasn’t really the case for apps that haven’t yet adapted to these demands and trends. In countries like India, the use of dual-SIM phones is linked to constituting more than 40% of the billions of smartphone users. Also, with data costs and the network being a constant issue, switching between SIMs can be something of a nightmare.

This is where Truecaller is coming to the fore, becoming proficient in this ‘dual’ era. So the next time your dual-SIM can’t read all your phone contacts and identify them, you know where to go.

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