Fnatic Streak 65 LPs Review

Fnatic Streak 65 LP: One-minute review


Here are the key specs for the Fnatic Streak 65 LP:

Keyboard type: Mechanic
Size: 65%
Switches: FNATIC SPEED (low-profile), ultra-fast Kailh Choc V2
Connectivity: Wired, USB-C
Memory: On board
OS Support: Windows 10 and 11. Mac OS, Chrome OS
Compatibility: PC, Laptop, PS4/5, Xbox and Mac

The LP Fnatic Streak 65 has performance at its heart, but it doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics. It is a mechanic keyboard this is discreet and comes with a 65% compact layout, onboard memory, dazzling RGB lighting and custom Fnatic Speed ​​Kailh Choc V2 orange switches, which according to Fnatic are the fastest mechanical switches on the market.

It’s also incredibly affordable. Some of the best gaming keyboards right now are much more expensive and, in some important ways, don’t compare to the Streak 65 LP. We thought the LP could easily cost an extra $20-30 and still be worth it.

Fnatic Streak 65 LP: Price and Availability

  • extremely reasonable price
  • Available on the Fnatic website and on Amazon

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