Lenovo Vibe K4 Note review: Affordable but loaded with feature review

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Project 4/5

Features 4.5/5

4/5 performance

Usability 4/5

Value 4/5

Lenovo has been quite aggressive in expanding its smartphone portfolio in the Indian market since its acquisition of Motorola. It has launched a series of budget and mid-range handsets over the last year, which have proven to be a hit with Indian consumers. The Lenovo K3 Note, unveiled last year, was a stupendous hit with budget users. The device attracts users with its combination of powerful hardware at an entry-level price. With the Vibe K4 Note, Lenovo wants to up the ante.


From the name, you would assume that the K4 Note is the successor to the K3 Note. However, on closer inspection, this is not quite true. Vibe Moniker indicates that this is not really a budget smartphone to begin with. The price is also a little higher than the K3 Note.

Compared to the square and uninspiring design of the K3 Note, the Vibe K4 Note looks attractive. Motorola’s influence is evident in its design. While the K4 Note is a little thicker than the K3 Note, the curved design looks better. It’s also a little heavier than the K3 Note, but it also houses a larger battery. There are several design changes, including dual speakers on the front, a fingerprint sensor on the back, and a backlit capacitive button below the screen. The build quality, while not great, is very good for its price and segment.

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