LG takes transparent OLED screens to public transport – It has huge potential

LG Display is showcasing its advanced transparent OLED solutions for mobility at InnoTrans 2022, the world’s largest transport technology fair, taking place in Berlin, Germany until September 23. These transparent OLED solutions can be applied to various forms of public transport as it can combine innovation and convenience. For example, ‘Transparent OLED for subway trains’ is basically a glass screen that displays advertisements, news and weather forecasts while maintaining high transparency.

The glass surface uses Israeli materials science company Gauzy’s Smart Glass SPD (Suspended Particle Device) – a special tempered glass – in an IGU (Insulated Glass Unit) to provide enhanced strength and durability to handle heavy impacts and vibrations. This screen can replace standard train windows, as it also blocks up to 99% of light when SPD is on, creating even greater contrast for color-rich displays, LG said.

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