PS Plus emulation may be improving in the most unexpected way

We hope you’ve kept your old PS3 controllers and peripherals, because it’s possible that the PlayStation 5 may support them in the future.

A recently published PS5 patent shows that Sony may be planning to make older PS3 peripherals compatible with its latest flagship console. The new PS Plus includes a range of games from older generations, from the original PlayStation to the PS4. Sony wasn’t too concerned about backwards compatibility from the past generation. But the success of Xbox Games Pass has given it a renewed focus on supporting older titles. And now it looks like it’s doubling down on support for older hardware.

The patent, which can be read here (opens in new tab), is titled “Systems and Methods for Converting Legacy Code to Updated Code”. It largely focuses on methods to facilitate emulation on the PS5. The most attractive diagram in this regard is ‘Fig 14’. This diagram shows controllers and peripherals such as the DualShock 3, the EyeToy camera, and the PSP Go. The intention seems to be to create a method by which these peripherals can connect to the PS5, wirelessly or otherwise.

(Image credit: Sony)

Good news for PS3 fans?

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