Realme is now the second best-selling smartphone brand in India

Realme has been climbing the ladder in the Indian smartphone market slowly and steadily. And now it has killed off giant Samsung and become the second best-selling smartphone maker in India, according to IDC.

These are the data for the second quarter of 2022. According to the IDC report (opens in new tab)Smartphone shipments for Q2 2022 grew 3% year-over-year compared to Q2 2021.

(Image credit: IDC)

Realme’s market share in Q2 2022 stood at 17.5%, up from 14.5% in Q2 2021. And shipments went from 4.9 million units to 6.1 million units for the year previous to this year.

Xiaomi is still the #1 smartphone brand in India, a position it has held for years. Xiaomi has a market share of 20.4%, which is actually lower than the same period last year. Xiaomi was having a market share of 29.2% last year but has seen a decline although the brand still holds the number 1 position.

idc india report 2022 q2

(Image credit: IDC)

Vivo also advanced in the market like Realme, it went from number 4 in the market to number 3, overtaking Samsung. Vivo now commands a market share of 16.9%, up from 14.8% last year.

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