Stuck for Father’s Day gifts? Here are 5 gift ideas your dad will actually wear.

Looking for some last minute Father’s Day gifts for your old man? We’ve put together some totally sensible (yes, really) suggestions just below that we think are sure to be surefire hits for the vast majority of parents. We’ve noticed that a lot of sites tend to recommend really expensive and impractical niche technology, so we’ve focused on practical choices here – and they all cost less than $100, too.

We think each pick on this list is something your dad will actually use, possibly even on a daily basis. We asked ourselves questions like – ‘what do you get from the father who has everything?’ and ‘what if your dad is super practical (ie: a little boring)’. For those who are really stuck – and we mean really stuck – then you will find some options further down the page which are the safest of the safe bets.

If you’re interested, we also have a top guide to this weekend’s Father’s Day sales. (opens in new tab) this is worth checking out. This presents more general gift ideas, as well as an overview of the various retailer sales on offer – including Lowe’s, Home Depot, and a few other great stores.

‘s Top 5 Sensible Father’s Day Gifts

Bonus gifts – super safe options

More Father’s Day deals to check out

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