Live: Summer Game Fest 2022 as it happens – news, rumors and predictions


We are interrupting our prediction posts with some news seen on reset era (opens in new tab); The Last of Us Part Firefly Edition for PS5 is coming in September – exclusively on PlayStation Direct (opens in new tab). Coming in at $99.99, it appears to be only in the US storefront right now. But that’s about £80 / AU$140.

Rumors of a PS5 remake have been afoot since May, when GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb said he heard that Last of Us would be coming to PS5 this holiday season. There will likely be a standard edition at a more reasonable price that you can buy at retail, so we’ll keep an eye out for more official news.

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TRG game guide editor Patrick Dane is next. Apparently, he’s our resident Eeyore, with a shower of reality tests to rain down on our parade of whimsical hopes and dreams. Oh, it bothers!

Patrick: I’d like to see The Darkness 3, but I think I’m more likely to win the lottery and fund this game than announced tonight. I would also love to have a firm release date on when Overwatch 2 PvP will fully launch, but that seems unlikely given Blizzard is holding an Overwatch 2 event next week.

To add to my tendency here to be a little depressing, and I’m sorry for all of us who own a PS5 – I don’t think we’ll be seeing God of War: Ragnarok tonight. I think any hopes that the game will release this year have probably evaporated. I would honestly be surprised if it came out before the end of next year at this point. There’s just been radio silence over the game, and there’s no reason to believe it’s coming anytime soon. Accepting this sooner will end up disappointed. And hey, maybe I’m wrong and it airs tonight with a November release date, but I’d drink a cup of hot sauce if that’s the case.

In the run-up to the start of Summer Game Fest, the team here at TRG is reflecting on their predictions for the show. Or just what they would like to see appear. The first is the editor-in-chief, Julian Benson, with his two cents.

Julius: Okay, this is less of a prediction and more of a wild wish, I want to see EA announce a new Command & Conquer. Earlier this year, we learned EA is returning to an important IP, though the publisher didn’t give details on which series or how big the game would be. While it may be EA ready to announce The Sims 5 or a new Medal of Honor, my deepest hope is that it will finally return to Command & Conquer.

The classic RTS series has been without a new title for a long time. Although the response to Command & Conquered Remastered Collection shows that there is a lot of love for the game, both from fans and within EA’s walls. Come on, EA, get the team together and open the Summer Game Fest with an orchestral version of march from hell.

We already know about some of the games that will appear in today’s Showcase. Activision is planning to give us our first look at the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2campaign, and this is following last night’s news that Warzone 2 will be an entirely separate game from Warzone.

For fans of hitting things with their fists, Capcom will give us a closer look. street fighter 6 and we’re taking a fresh look at Warner Bros Montreal Gotham Knights.

If horror is more your thing, let’s take an extended look The alien-like Callisto protocola new survival game from some of the top players in the bloody and scary Dead Space.

One game that we know won’t show up, though, is GTA 6. Responding to rumors that his reveal trailer would be part of Showcase, Geoff Keighley himself said GTA 6 will not be at Summer Game Fest.

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