Trust GXT 863 Mazz Gaming Keyboard Review

Trust the GXT 863 Mazz: Two Minute Review

The Trust GXT 863 Mazz is an entry-level mechanical keyboard aimed at consumers on a tight budget, just like the rest of the Trust product family. It retails for £44.99 / €49.99 (about $50 / AU$70), although it’s currently only available to buy in the UK and all European regions, so you’ll be hard pressed to buy one. if located in the US or Australia.

While it lacks some of the features you’d find on more premium hardware, at first glance it’s visually similar to the style adopted by modern peripherals, ditching the ‘edgy’ gamer aesthetic and incorporating a cleaner look that might even feel appropriate in an office environment. .

Not that you want to, of course – the best mechanical keyboards are known to be louder than their membrane alternatives, and the GXT 863 Mazz is no different. The Outemu Red switches respond with very little resistance, and you get the expected ‘typewriter’ noises you’ve come to expect, although it’s far from the most pleasant typing experience thanks to the overall poor build quality.

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Still, there are a handful of features that make it worth buying for PC gamers over a standard office keyboard. On the one hand, you’re getting anti-ghosting and Win-key locks that should help optimize in-game performance, and there are 14 preset lighting options for RGB, including the traditional ‘rainbow vomit’ that should keep your happy kids if you wanted to buy a cheap and cheerful gaming keyboard.

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